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F4 Foundation

The F4 Foundation, our non-profit arm seeks to rebuild the foundations of society by promoting faith, family, freedom & fun.


Faith is the cornerstone of the F4 Foundation, and the starting point for our hope to change the world. Faith gives us the confidence and expectation of good in our own lives, as well as inspiring us to work for good in the lives of others.

The F4 Foundation provides and promotes resources that encourage and foster spiritual and personal growth, works to provide the service opportunities, and offers hope through leadership, teaching, prayer, counsel, and support in times of crisis.


“….that among these are LIFE…”

Life, obviously begins with family Strong families are the basis of any healthy society. Unfortunately, the evidence of a breakdown in family structure is all around us, and visible in its results: crime, hunger, fatherless children, homelessness, poverty, and more. It is estimated that nearly 150 million children today live as orphans and countless more live in homes torn apart by divorce, alcoholism, abuse and neglect. It is obvious that families need help.

The F4 foundation seeks to develop and come alongside ministries that seek to strengthen families, thereby rebuilding healthy communities.



Personal liberty is something most of us take for granted. Because we are free to speak, worship, work, travel and conduct ourselves as we wish, we assume these freedoms extend to every person on the planet – as indeed they should.

However, a look at statistics quickly proves that assumption wrong. It is estimated that over 35 million people are currently enslaved around the world. This number is higher than any other time before in history.

In addition to this horrifying problem, many find themselves enslaved to invisible jailers including poverty, homelessness, and additions of various kinds. We partner with and develop programs designed to address these pressing issues in tangible ways.



Is there a better definition of fun than this? Our Founding fathers recognized an important truth when they penned this final phrase of their iconic statement. The pursuit of happiness – of as we call it, fun – may seem unimportant. But, enjoyment of the life and liberties we are given is actually foundational to strong communities.

We recognize that societies are strengthened when people come together simply to laugh, eat, and enjoy one another’s company.

The F4 Foundation seeks to promote community initiatives that prioritize simply having fun.