There has never been an easier way to enjoy all the benefits of LEDs! YellowBlue’s Hybrid LED Tube works in almost any existing fluorescent fixture and with nearly all ballast configurations. Hybrid LED tubes use your existing fluorescent fixture so installation is as simple and as familiar as a fluorescent bulb.

Should your old fluorescent ballasts go bad, the hybrid can be directly wired to the incoming line voltage. You will still get to reap the long-lasting benefits of LED products without having to replace your old fixture!

If you want to keep your existing light fixture, YellowBlue has several retrofit options that will easily convert your fluorescent lighting into LED lighting. Our hybrid family of LED Tubes provide a fool-proof way of retrofitting fixtures as they work with any ballast configuration. We have a fast, easy, and cost effective way to put you on the fast track to energy savings. Learn more about the Hybrid LED here.

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