Lighting Energy Assessment

A free energy assessment analyzes your current lighting platform, energy consumption costs and savings you could be missing out on.

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Our Carbon Footprint

Our commitment to providing a quality product to our clients extends far beyond energy efficiency

  • Reduces Lighting Energy Expenses
  • Reduces Maintenance
  • Increases Light Quality
  • Increases Productivity

Yellowblue LED’s 3-step process has not only made the decision easy but the whole process a breeze. We offer consultation, design and execution guaranteeing a full suite solution from the time we conduct the initial assessment through the installation and completion of applicable rebates.

Our clients include applications for industrial, warehouse, retail, commercial, offices, hospitality, municipalities and educational institutions among others. Some of our completed projects include banks, schools, office buildings and multi-site locations.

Together the legacy we leave behind is that we reduce our carbon footprint in the environment one light at a time – building a better tomorrow.