Community Choice Credit Union Partnered with Yellowblue LED

At Community Choice Credit Union, we take pride in being a leader in the community and doing things that other institutions haven’t or won’t do.  We are a member-owned cooperative that was established and continues to operate on the principal of people helping people.

Since Community Choice is a not-for-profit entity, profits are returned to our members through various forms.  As a way to help maximize those profits and continue to provide great benefits to our members, we partnered with YellowblueLED to upgrade the lighting systems in our six branches and administrative buildings.  Through this upgrade, we anticipate a reduction in energy costs that will affect our bottom line and allow us to increase our contributions back to our members and provide resources to develop new and better services.

We saw other advantages with this project beyond just the financial impact.  As a community credit union, we strive to be good stewards in the cities we call home.  Community Choice unbankers are constantly volunteering and sponsoring events around Central Iowa.

This project was yet another way for us to give back by impacting the environment. In a world concerned with global warming and decreasing the carbon footprint, upgrading the lighting systems in our buildings is allowing us to positively affect the environment in Central Iowa by lowering our energy usage.

As was touched on earlier, Community Choice strives to help our members and give them the best experience possible when they interact with our business, especially in person.  Upgrading to LED lighting in our branches has provided a brighter, more pleasing environment for all who enter to do business.  Our members have stated numerous times how much brighter and warmer it has felt walking into a Community Choice branch since our switch.  In addition to the enhancing the feel, it also enhances the security.  We want to be sure that all our members and staff feel safe while in our establishments.

Not only do we value the members we serve and the communities we are in, but we also value the great people that make Community Choice the organization it is….. our UnBankers!  When looking at this lighting project, we wanted to serve our members and communities, but we also wanted to provide an environment in which our employees could perform at their best.

Our LED lighting upgrade has given our staff a warm, bright, and energetic environment.  It has been a bonus all the way around for everyone that comes into contact with Community Choice Credit Union.

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